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Errances (current work)
Aube (2018)

Personal project (current) - Singer songwriter producer

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" Sometimes, you meet people and you just know. I met Joannie a few years ago when we were both taking part in a project proposed by Zøgma Danse. Joannie is one of these people who give the gift of boundless inspiration. Her energy, her creativity, her laughter; she is gold. So when it came to choose a composer for my new dance project, I immediately reached out to her. We sat together having coffee (via zoom!) and I felt the butterflies dancing as we leapt on top of each other’s words, eager to share all of our ideas about that project. She has this amazing capacity of listening and, therefore, giving space to be - I believe that is why she understood what I needed right away and made my project better than I could have never imagined. I highly recommend Joannie; she will move you to expand, to discover, to feel inspired. " - Marianne Larose

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