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"Thank you very much. Your advices and artistic sensitivity gave a new life to my compositions. It was an immensely enjoyable session thanks to your professionalism and your good humor. Thank you again."

"Merci infiniment. Tes conseils et ta sensibilité artistique donnent un souffle nouveau à mes compositions. Ce fut une session immensément agréable, en grande partie grâce à ton professionnalisme et ta bonne humeur. Merci encore."

- Laurent Bigaouette 

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Victor Rodriguez, Heiner Schmitz, Rachel Therrien | Sofia, Dan Elisson | The Resojets, Tundra Music Collective, Anna Rubin, Monsieur Raph, Johanna Amelie, Nino Ménard | Laurent Bigaouette, Jean-François Lemieux | Afrikana Soul Sister, Marise Demers, Éric Bernard, Serge Nakauchi Pelletier, Josiane Rouette | Oscar Laroue, Manina Productions, Studio Lamajeure

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" I called on Joannie Labelle on a recommendation from a Montreal-based director for the recording of the congas on my latest album, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. Despite the distance, Joannie was a great listener, and proved to be really effective. Very professional, Joannie is an accomplished musician and music lover of great talent, which allowed her I believe, to identify and understand my project quickly to make it the best it can be. In the end, she produced about twenty tracks, with optimal sound, recorded remotely in a short time, even leaving me the luxury of choosing.
I highly recommend Joannie Labelle who is, in my opinion, one of the best percussionist musicians I know. No doubt I will continue to collaborate with her if given the opportunity. "

- Monsieur Raph

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"Joannie is a talented, attentive and creative musician. She is one of the artists who possess their own unique sound. It was a pleasure to work with her, a pleasant personality and exemplary professionalism."

"Joannie est une musicienne talentueuse, à l'écoute et créative. Elle fait partie des artistes qui ont leur son propre. Ce fut un plaisir de travailler avec elle, une personnalité agréable ainsi qu'un professionnalisme exemplaire."

- Marise Demers

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